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Wanna Be Game Day Famous? Here’s Your Jumbotron Cheat Sheet.

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Getting on the Jumbotron is on many of football fans’ bucket lists. If you haven’t crossed it off yours, hold tight, your moment may be coming soon. Getting on the Jumbotron is like winning the game day lottery – except for the Jumbotron will make you rich in social media coverage.

Now you may not stand out in a crowd on any given Sunday, but for some reason, the Jumbotron rulers have decided you capture the true essence of what the game stands for. Or because you’re doing some crazy shit. When that jumbo moment arises, don’t ponder the “why” just relish in the moment and have fun with it.

But be careful of the risk if you do not capture the essence of the moment. Those smiling, adoring fans may turn on you in an instant if you do not adhere to Jumbotron protocol.

If you’ve been known to get stage fright, read this list of must-dos to prepare you for the moment.

Grin and Bear It 

Let’s face it, we’re living in an era of the 24-hour social media frenzy, and one wrong facial or body expression can quickly land you in YouTube purgatory. But don’t panic if your moment arises. If you suddenly find you’re the star in front of 55,000 fans and are at a loss for what to do next, just flash those pearly whites.  A friendly smile – all be it may be fake – will allow you to escape social purgatory and hopefully capture thousands of “likes” on social media.

When the Jumbotron shines down on you, smile. It’s that easy!

Be Creative but not Creepy

Smiling on camera is Jumbotron 101. But if you dropped your smile years ago and have yet to find it, that’s ok, just don’t be creepy when your moment comes. Creepy will undoubtedly land you on a segment of “C’Mon Man.” And YOU do not want to be that fan!

If you’re not sure what, exactly, creepy does or looks like, search YouTube for “creepy fans.” Watch them a few times so the reality of what could happen sets in. And then cleanse your mind of it and never repeat what “they” had done.

A “Hold My Beer” Moment

Your buddy may poke you and say, “Hey dude, the whole stadium is watching.” And you in all your buzzed glory respond, “Good, hold my beer.”

Many would-be daredevils have blown-up YouTube with those can’t look away hold my beer moments. Now we are not advocating death-defying feats or streaking across the field with streamers flowing out your backside just to enamor 55,000 fans. But these moments can be the most creative. Not to self:  don’t be down right dumb or reckless. This epic moment doesn’t have to lead to an epic fail.

Just Go With It

How many times have you found yourself in a precarious situation only to hear that little voice in your head telling you to “just go with it and have fun”? Getting Jumbotron famous is one of the few times you should heed that advice.

But what exactly does “just go with it” mean? It’s best left to self-actualization. Understanding the reality of understanding one’s self. For you, it can mean doing a crazy dance move you learned while at a music festival. But for many, dancing is a sure-fire way to get the attention of the medics that something may not be right with you.

Other ways to go with it: howling like you’re calling a Yeti, lifting up your shirt and exposing a giant letter on your belly, making funny faces, and/or pointing at the team’s logo and giving a thumbs up.

Go All In

Remember the time you went all in during that poker game and left shirtless and penniless. Yeah. But at least you stayed committed. Right? No one likes a quitter. Nothing will ruin your Jumbotron moment quicker than an uncommitted moment. For example, if you go in for a kiss on the Kiss Cam, make it a great kiss, and not some weak peck that will only leave the crowd wanting more. Or if you break out in dance, keep the moves going until the Jumbotron gods move onto another unsuspecting fan.

When you look back at classic Jumbotron experiences, the best moment’s are when people went all in!  Just leave everything out there in the stadium.

Be the Good Guy

Ever since the NFL allowed fans to keep footballs, men especially, have conducted themselves like post-apocalyptic survivors battling for food.

YouTube is bursting at the bandwidth with videos of adults doing appalling things at games, usually for nothing more than the chance of going home with a souvenir of low-resale value.

Men have been known to plow over women and children for that off chance of getting a man-cave centerpiece. You don’t ever want to be that guy. And you really don’t want to be that guy if someone goes viral with your antics.

Instead of being that guy, try being the good guy? Comfort the crying kid by handing him/her the ball. Scarlett Letter the person who just committed a game day felony without getting into a fight. Replenish the person’s drink or snack “that guy” spilled while lunging uncontrollably for the ball.

These small gestures will pay much more than just social media dividends in the end.


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