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Your Official GameDay Survival Guide

Game day survival guide

Now that football and tailgate season is in full swing, you’ll undoubtedly need a GameDay Survival Guide so you don’t get lost in the moment and/or do things that will haunt you until the Jets win the Super Bowl. By tempering your enthusiasm, maintaining a modest drinking cadence, and eating the right foods will all play a significant role in fostering a memorable gameday experience. And with the price of tickets to today’s games, you’d be wise to stay coherent to capitalize on your investment.

Here’s your easy-to-follow GameDay Survival Guide.

Drinking Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

We’re not trying to be the booze police. [Ok. Maybe we are!] But if you hammer through the adult beverages for hours before the game, odds are you aren’t making it past the first quarter, let alone the entire game. You’ll have plenty of time and opportunities to party throughout the day. Trust us. Be cognizant of the fact that when you pour your fourth shot of Fireball and the parking lot hasn’t even filled yet, you may need to slow your role and switch to the next suggestion on the list.

For the Love of the Game, Drink Some Water 

This liquid gold will save you in the long run. Now we know you’re not going to be crushing Evian every hour while your buddies are crushing through shotskis. But let’s be realistic, drinking a few bottles of water throughout the day is not GameDay blaspheme. If you have to force yourself to drink water, front load your consumption and that way you’ll stay hydrated come the 4th quarter. But beware, if you fail to hydrate yourself, the lingering effects of your decision will stay with you long past the day’s events.

Don’t Wear Outdated Apparel

Please, we beg of you not to wear GameDay apparel that screams “I’ve had this jersey for 20 years.” Now all be it, most fan apparel hasn’t evolved in 20 years. But don’t be that fan who keeps wearing the jersey from years past, especially if the player was a bust!  The best way to be well received is to wear unique trendy team gear. By strutting around in your one-of-a-kind apparel, you’ll quickly become a GameDay hero. Fans will give you high fives and thumbs up all day! Heck, you may even achieve social media supremacy for the day.

Don’t Get Removed From the Game

This should be the most important principle of the Survival Guide. Don’t get removed from the game, or even worse, get arrested! We’ve all gotten carried away at parties from onlookers cheering us on to perform some stupid human stunt that will not only land us in the hospital but could also land us in the crowbar hotel. Don’t be tempted by fate. Stay enthusiastic but not overzealous just because you crumble like a folding chair when faced with peer pressure. If the spotlight follows you, stay next to a level-headed buddy or someone who has the ability to talk you off the ledge.

Bring Cool Tailgating Equipment

If your desire is to rule a tailgate party like a king or queen, then I’d suggest bringing some unique tailgating essentials. Every great griller needs a kick-ass set of tools and every tailgate gamer needs a unique game that will turn more heads than Roger Goodell visiting Tom Brady’s home. So if you’re looking for that unique GameDay gear, head to and see all the cool gear available. GameDay Essentials gear is sourced from some of the best minds in sports and fashion to bring you the traditions and experiences of your favorite team’s GameDay.

Eat Something…ANYTHING

Now, you probably adhere to the same principle as a buddy of mine, “Never waste a $50 buzz on a $2 burger.” But unless you want your GameDay ruined, you need to eat. Tailgate and stadium food can be some of the best, most fattening-food ever created. And that is why our taste buds crave it. Soak up some alcohol and give your body a fighting chance with some nutrition, even if it’s in the form of a Wonder bread dipped in bourbon.

Put something in your stomach before the game, or you’re going to be miserable throughout your experience.

But if you really want to feel like a GameDay ninja, try some of these foods to keep your energy high and belly-bloat low:

Here are some tailgate foods and drinks that will keep you energized and feeling great: 

  • Bison burgers
  • Turkey burgers
  • Turkey or chicken sausages
  • Baked tortilla chips with salsa
  • Pita chips and hummus
  • Greek Nachos
  • Light beer
  • Vodka-soda with lime

We encourage you to use this guide so you can enjoy all the splendors of what GameDay has to offer.


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Happy GameDay!


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