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NFC West Fans, Check Out These Cool Game Day Growler Filling Stations.

It's Sunday Growler

This post goes out to our beloved NFC West craft beer lovin’ nerds who cling to their growlers like their carrying their first-born child to safety. We must say, however, growlers and game day do go hand in hand. Because there are very few simple pleasures that enhance the game day experience like having your growler filled before kick-off.

We’ve compiled a short list of some of the best places to fill your NFC West growler. Now the operative word is “some,” so don’t send hate mail if your growler-filling go-to place didn’t make the list

San Francisco 49ers

The Bay Area is rapidly becoming a sun-soaked destination for craft beer lovers and makers. In fact, SF has added a staggering number of breweries in the past few years. From exotic ingredients like hibiscus and Himalayan sea salt to Philz Coffee€—SF brewers are as experiential as their ideologies.

2010 Williams St, San Leandro, CA 94577

21amendment growler

21st Amendment’s beer is a common staple in San Fran’s marketplace. But for the craft aficionado, fresh beer from the tap always taste better – and is much more fun. So head to 21st Amendment where you can get your game day growler on.

Get a 2L growler for $12 and a 32oz “growlette” for $6, or you can bring your own for them to fill. Prices vary depending on the beer, but it’s usually around $18-$24 for the 2L and $10 for the 32oz.

1785 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

barrelhead growler

The crafty veterans at Barrel Head will fill your growler with any of its four house-brewed beers for $15-$18. Here’s a tip: Sample the $9 Flight du Jour first, so you can make this life-changing decision fully informed. And if you don’t have your own growler, no worries: you can buy one there for $10.

Seattle Seahawks

“Growlers are the craft beer equivalent to take out in Seattle.” The ubiquitousness of craft beer breweries is as prevalent nowadays in downtown Seattle as Pearl Jam shirts were in the 90s.  In Seattle, you can fill up at virtually any brewery and even at some local drugstores. Talk about the 12th man on game day!

Fremont Brewing Company
3409 Woodland Park Ave N (at Albion Pl N), Seattle, WA

freemont growler

“Fremont Brewing was born of our love for our home and history as well as the desire to prove that beer made with the finest local ingredients – organic when possible – is not the wave of the future but the doorway to beer’s history. Simply put, cheap growlers. Delicious beer. Fun atmosphere!”

Fremont Brewing growlers are available for purchase or you’re welcome to bring in your own growler. But please give it a good cleaning before bringing it in. Growler fill prices depend on the type of beer and range from $8 to $16.”

Bartell Drugs
1001 Mercer St (Terry), Seattle, WA

bartell growler

A drugstore that fills your growler? And I thought utopia was just an idea. Bartell has a rotating selection of local beer personalized to your pallet. Its tap creativity is perfect for satisfying all beer connoisseurs when hosting a homegate party. Simply ask one of its red-vested subject matter experts for assistance.

Bartell offers the glass jug for $8.99, in case customers don’t have their own. The brew sells for $9.99 or $10.99 per growler, depending on the beer.

Phoenix Cardinals

Phoneix is becoming a craft beer lovers’ favorite destination. The craft beer bars in and around the Phoenix area are staffed with authentic pourers dawning beards like Gandalf and are able to recite the origins of any beer; it’s like having your own beer Wizard/Rain Man.

Dubina Brewing Co
17035 N. 67th Ave #6, Glendale, AZ 85308

dubina growler

“Located in Glendale Arizona, Dubina is a purveyor of finely crafted brews and locally sourced dishes. Dubina Brewing Company is a family owned and operated company since 2013. While our heritage is from the Czech Republic, we have lived in Arizona for over 50 years.”

Growler fill prices are based on the size of growler and beverage choice.

Growler USA
5415 East High Street, Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85054

growlerUSA growler

Only in ‘Merica! Growler USA has taken an existing growler refill station and has turned it into an American craft beer pub for all to enjoy. Growler USA has the ability to take traditional beer and infuse them with unique twists. Creativity is what makes Growler USA a unique pour.

LA Rams

Hate to break it to you, but Los Angeles isn’t just about Hollywood glam and traffic jams. After years of being a non-contender to its southern neighbors, LA brewers are stepping up their pour game and breaking taps and cashing checks in the craft-beer scene. Be on the lookout for a reality show LA Pour, as LA’s craft beer popularity continues to bring people in from all around the world.

8 One 8 Brewing
8951 De Soto Ave in Canoga Park, California 91304

8on8 growler

“One of the county’s only nano-breweries (meaning they’re really really small), 8 One 8 launched in November 2015 at as one of the West San Fernando Valley’s pride-filled, hometown beer makers. Since they don’t have a tasting room, you’ll have to go to places like Crazy Harry’s in Winnetka or Instant Replay in Canoga Park to try their flagship beers, some of which are still rolling out of the fermenters.”

$5 fee for a new glass growler, or exchange an empty UGBC growler for a filled growler at the price shown below.

Flagship Brews – $15
Plow To Pint , Seasonals, Specialty Brews – $18/22

Alfred Coffee and Kitchen
8428 Melrose Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90069

alfred-coffee-shop growler

“Walking into the Alfred on Melrose Place is like entering a too-cool Alice in Wonderland party. To order at this oddly laid out coffee shop, you have to cross the patio, somehow always filled with L.A.’s most beautiful people, walk through a small room with a black-and-white motif and floral-print wallpaper, down a half flight of stairs (under the “But First, Coffee” sign) and into a basement-like nook where you inevitably wait in line and walk by a mini market of Sqirl jams and Mountain High glass bottles of water before ordering your Stumptown cold brew on nitro.”

A growler fill of the stuff is $24

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