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What Is It About the Game Day Experience?

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There’s just something magical about a game day experience. Why? Because that fleeting moment has the power of influence to leave a lasting impression in our minds and an emotional connection in our hearts. And as sports fans – rabid or tamed – we thrive in this moment of connectedness and continually search for that same spiritual experience off the field. Well, the search is over. Welcome to GameDay Essentials.

The GameDay Essentials Mission

GameDay Essentials’ mission is simple: to bridge the engagement void between attending a live football game and watching it at home. How do we want this new GameDay experience represented? We want it to be participatory. We want it to be inspiring. We want it to be inclusive. We want it to be emotional. But most of all, we want it to be a lifestyle.

Now, this isn’t some tagline push-pinned to a cork board in our meeting room; it’s our passion to bring that game day experience to your home from one-off apparel to local artisan products to homegate-envy tools. Oh, and don’t worry, we don’t fill your box with bobbleheads, autographed cards, and over-produced apparel. No. Our gear is sourced from some of the best minds in their industry.

You see, the game day experience is no longer about grabbing a cold one and an overcooked hot dog and then rushing to your seat to sit for the entire game. We—as fans—want to be part of something much greater than the game itself.

And our goal is to make the game secondary to the experience.

Game Day Memories are Personal

Think of your own game day experience and how that memory has served as a constant reminder of why you love sports. Maybe it was the time your parents took you to your first Auburn football game and you had your first taste of lemonade at Toomer’s Drugs. How ‘bout when you and your buddies stumbled upon that hole-in-the-wall dive bar and had the greatest game watching experience of your lives. Or the time you threw that homegate party and your 70-year-old grandmother played bags with your “difficult” niece and then chatted for hours. Or the day you and friends grabbed a hot cup of joe at Crystal Coffee & Beanery before heading to frozen Lambeau field.

For however the fleeting moment, there is something magical in the connections formed during game day. And, I guess, it boils down to the experience. Sports, to people, are a way to feel alive and to feel a sense of togetherness. They allow for us to experience many of the emotions that help us through everyday life. The highs are higher, the lows are lower, and the effects may be brief, but often times it only takes one of those highs to be a fan for a lifetime.

What’s Your Game Day Experience?

Do you have a great game day experience? If so, please leave a comment below.


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