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The New Way to Throw an Epic Homegate Party

Homegate party

Tired of sitting on the couch by yourself every NFL Sunday eating stale chips, drinking warm beer, and flipping from game to game? Don’t be that fan. Try throwin’ a homegate party. Nowadays, partygoers are kickin’ homegate parties harder than a Ray Guy punt. Much like its uber-popular sibling, tailgating, homegating is a game day party at home surrounded by your most ardent fanatics. This event also allows you to turn your home into NFL Central. [Minus, of course, Roger Goodell.]

Tailgating has evolved from stadium parking lots to homes to even block party extravaganzas. This party evolution is a great way to close the engagement chasm between attending a live football game and watching it at home; thus, allowing you to capture the magic of the game day experience from your own backyard. Just make sure you have all your GameDay Essentials to make it a memorable event.

We’ve compiled a roster of must-haves and must-dos so you can crush it at your first or next homegate party. Just to be clever, we’ve added position coach mindsets you’ll need for each homegate experience.

Menu (Offensive Line Coach)

Planning your homegate menu may seem like a daunting task – but the process is simpler than you think; it can be a piece of cake…literally! Some homegate foods are a given – like getting free consonants in the bonus round of Wheel of Fortune – chips and salsa, pizza, burgers, brats, and wings. These time-tested entrees will satisfy most of your partygoers. But if you’re motivated to make it an experience, here’s a little secret – take your theme into account. Match your food with your favorite team’s identity [e.g., cheese everything for you Packers fans,]. Or if your team’s mascot is an animal, create a menu around what they eat. Now if you’re a Dolphins fan, it may be difficult to find whale, mackerel, and jellyfish. But you get the idea.

Another seasoned veteran trick is to make foods you can prep or make ahead of time, for instance: crock pot meatball sliders, Bacon Double Cheeseburger dip, and ham and cheese pretzel bites. This way you won’t stay married to the grill or kitchen while everyone else is partying down [total buzz kill]. Also, add some creativity to your munchies by presenting them in the ultimate Snackadium

[Source: ABC News]


Lastly, no homegate is complete without decadent desserts. Homegaters want fun desserts like Truffle Football Cupcakes, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Footballs. They add a sweet touch to your awesome game day experience.

homegate snack

[Source: Taste of Home]


Theme (Coach) 

Are you in it to win it? Thought so! Every great homegate party needs a theme. Now by theme, we don’t mean throwing a foam finger on the couch, hanging colored streamers on the doorframe, and then stepping back thinking “I’m good”! Your homegater touch is better than that.

If time’s not on your side, the easiest fix is too lavish your party headquarters with your team’s colors. But if you want the persona of the homegate king or queen, shock and awe your guests by tailoring your theme to your menu. But you can always go bigger [especially if you’re throwing a homegate party in Texas]. These days, homegaters are personalizing entire rooms for that ultimate homegate experience. Team branded rugs, room colorway, memorabilia, chairs, and drinkware adorn every square inch of party space. See how Game Day Essentials can help turn any room or party into a game day gawker’s dream.

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Gaming (Offensive Coordinator) 

No homegate party is complete without some fun gaming options. Now, don’t get college flashbacks and only play beer pong and dizzy bat. Look around. The ‘gate industry has pumped out more games these last few years than ESPNU.

Games are a great way to get everyone involved and keep the competitive energy high. They also keep gawkers from breathing down your neck while you’re preparing the game day menu.

Let’s face it, you can only watch so much pre-game. So grab a cold one, head out to the garage or yard and start gaming. From KanJam to Frisbeer to Flickboards to Cornhole, there are so many gaming options out there for every age and skill level. Oh, always make sure your games are branded with your favorite team to keep that theme going.


Beverages (Defensive Coordinator) 

See how we labeled Beverages as your party’s Defensive Coordinator – there’s a reason. Maintain the defensive coordinator mentality to stop offensive drinkers from getting out of hand, and make sure your guests drink responsibly, so no penalty flags will need to be thrown.

Mini kegs, beer sampling trays, or any beer for that matter will satisfy most partygoers’ urge to throw down. But for the more refined drinkers, try a signature cocktail and name it after your team. For the Minnesota Vikings, for example, Serve up a Purple People Eater or for the Packers lovers, fuel them with Packers Punch. Make sure you add to the experience by serving drinks in team glasses.

[Source: Tipsy Bartender] [Source: Intoxicology]


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