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Stop Overthinking It! How to Attend a Football Game Alone

Fan at football game

Are you ready for some football…alone? No? I’m here to tell you to put the oxygen mask down and stop hyperventilating. It’s not that bad!  Look, you’ve probably marked a few games on your team’s schedule that you’d love to attend, but your pack of game-day dogs is either too busy to join in or haven’t the desire to go. So why should these small details ruin your good time?

Well, don’t fret; thousands of other fans just like you will be attending a live football game alone. If you’re having doubts, these tips will help you get past your fears and into the stands.

Solo Isn’t Just a Great Cup; It Also Makes for a Unique Game Day Experience

While searching for that ticket, you’re probably aligning yourself with that person you saw at a movie or amusement park alone and thinking “No way am I going to be that person.” Well, attending a live football game is a lot easier to blend in than, say, at other venues. Look, it’s not like you’re attending the senior prom solo. And whoever said attending an event alone is creepy?

Solo cup

Remember, this is an adrenaline-fueled, everyone-loves-everyone event where you’re all cheering for the same team and result. You won’t be looked at as the odd fan out.

The other fans are too busy enjoying the same experience to even notice that you’re by yourself. If they don’t care, why should you? So clear your head, don’t overthink it, and go enjoy the game.

Strut Around In Your Unique Game Day Gear

The best way to blend in and to be well received is to sport unique team gear. By strutting your one-of-a-kind apparel, you’ll part the tailgate seas and quickly become the game day BMOC [big man on campus]. Fans will flock to you like lemmings to a lead lemming and will give you high fives and thumbs up all day!

GameDay Essentials Sample Products

And even if you’re not really a fan, you’ll look the part and no one will question your loyalty. So head to GameDay Essentials and get exclusive gear that will turn a lot of heads!

Saves on Straight Cash

If you have a family or partner, you can relate to the huge price tag that comes with attending a live game with others. Just think of the last time you brought a guest to a game and how they bled you dry by getting everything from a foam finger to 4 quarters of snacks and bevis. Yeah! Can we say ramen noodles until next payday?

The nice thing about going to a football game alone is that it’s a great opportunity to pamper yourself in all of your team’s game-day traditions. Eat all the unique stadium food, do and see what you want inside and outside the stadium, and most importantly, the game day experience will be what you want it to be. And not to mention the fact that you’re only buying a single ticket, so you’re saving hundreds of dollars before you even hit the stadium.

Keep Your Eyes on the Smaller Screen

If after reading this game day self-help post and you’re still self-conscious about going alone, don’t worry. Thanks to modern tech, it’s easier than ever to be in your own little world without seeming to be socially awkward. Let’s face it, spending the entire game reading a book or creeping the peeps will look odd. But today, no one will think twice about someone who can’t take their eyes off their phone. Heck, most people rarely look up nowadays.

football fan on phone

So throw in some earbuds, open your social media apps and post live updates of the game or talk trash with friends and family. But please don’t be that fan who spends the whole game making calls like you’re Jerry Jones. Your fellow fans may quickly lose patience with your big shot tendencies.

More things not to do by yourself at a live football game:

  1. Drink too much and rant to yourself
  2. Get mad at people for standing up or walking by you
  3. Wear a jersey from another team [see what not to do at a Raiders game]
  4. Swear a lot [see don’t drink too much]
  5. Photobomb fans’ pictures

For more comfort, read how these people have the same concerns as you on Reddit.



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