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6 First-Round Invitees to Your Next Homegate Party

Homegate party

Now that you have everything for your next epic homegate party, it’s time to start creating your party’s RSVP list.

Nailing down your homegate roster can be just as important as setting your fantasy football lineup. Believe me when I say your RSVP list can make or break your homegate party. Invite the wrong people, and your party will be as dull as a hand-me-down steak knife. But invite the right people, and your event that will forever live in the minds of your partygoers.

Here are six guests you need to RSVP:

The Fanatic

homegate fan

Just like that crazy uncle you see during the holidays, the fanatic will turn your party into a spectacle. After all, it wouldn’t be a party without someone so dedicated to his team that he’d spend a month’s salary just for a VIP experience. He’s also been known to scour the net for days searching for unique team gear to one-up all other pseudo fans.

What does the Fanatic look like? He’s barely recognizable on game day. His face painted like he’s coming off the set of Braveheart, wearing his favorite pit-stained jersey, and sweating like he’d just played 4 quarters. That passion for sport can be infectious and will liven up the rest of the crowd.

But beware, Your Fanatic friend may be just one loss away from becoming your fanemy.

The Tailgater


The Tailgater is usually born not made. She loves the social aspect of being a fan and engages in every experience from tailgate to the exit gate. She’s looking for the experience rather than focusing on the Xs and Os of the game. This partygoer loves crushin’ kegs and playin’ bags! Her fan cave at home and at the office rivals any on Pinterest – and she has the receipts to prove it.

The Tailgater will literally bring everything to the party from a first-aid kit to over-the-top enthusiasm.

The Washed-Up Player


The Washed-Up Player may show up wearing his faded high school jersey and letterman’s jacket, blaring Springsteen’s Glory Days as he brags about how he won the high school football state championship. He may’ve played in college or even had a stint in the pros. But, regardless, this homegate first rounder has real stories from the field and lends an inside perspective on the realities of the game.

Buddy up to him if you want that “I wonder what it’s like to play football” immersive experience. His actions and sounds during the game are priceless.

The Griller 


A great menu is the staple of any homegate party, so you’ll want a Griller who not only has a knack for the snack but also can inject some creativity into the game day menu. Whether he’s hosting or not, the Griller will be the master of his edible domain and impress even the most difficult fan with his cooking skillz and unique recipes.

The Griller will usually kick things off with a show-stopping how-to on prepping and starting a charcoal grill. Stay close and learn from this master of the flame broiled.

The Cheerleader


Odds are this lively homegater will bring her cheer gear simply out of instinct. And don’t be surprised if she routinely breaks into cheer throughout the game. The Cheerleader is a huge fan of the game but more exclusive to the home team. Don’t expect the Cheerleader to be discussing the on-field details – but look to her when you and your partygoers need a shot of adrenaline when your team is trailing.

The cheerleader keeps the energy high and morale even higher. This is why she may be the first overall invitee.

The Fantasy Fanatic


The Fantasy Fanatic has a deep urge to quantify the game. He’s the Rain Man when it comes to football metrics. Wondering what your favorite QB’s passer rating is? Need to know the rushing yardage of the top three RBs? Just ask him. The only vested allegiance this friend has to any team is the one he’s drafted. The fantasy fanatic is constantly checking standings online while watching as many games as screens allow.

You won’t see the Fantasy Fanatic striking up a conversation – not the most garrulous of the group — unless you bring up fantasy fodder.

You’ll never see him lurking over the food or tossing bags in the backyard because he’ll be too busy searching fantasy sites in hopes of getting an inside edge on the competition.


Have we missed anyone? Please leave a comment below. 

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